Weekend Reading

Chocolate cream pie at Robicelli's

What are you up to this weekend? Perhaps off to grab a slice of that delightful chocolate cream pie or any of these — shameless plug — decadent cocoa desserts? I'm kicking things off with midnight ramen at Takashi this evening, followed by a trip to Smorgasburg on Sunday. Excited to see what's new this year.

Hope you have a great one!

I first read about Peter Chang — the elusive Chinese chef who has garnered a cult following — in the New Yorker and was happy to hear from NYT critic Pete Wells that he's settled down... kind of

Speaking of Chinese food, the General Tso's chicken documentary is set to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival and it sounds like a very fascinating look at the evolution of Chinese-American cuisine.

When Eater announced that they were bringing on three full-time restaurant critics — all of them men — many wondered why there was such a big gender gap in the world of food criticism. This week, Grub Street interviewed female critics past and present on why they think the divide exists and whether the media should consider it when making new hires.  

As old New York continues to disappear, a group of NYC-born photographers have taken on a project to document the city's old-school pizza joints.

Finally, one of my favorite finds in Italy was cacio e pepe, an extraordinary simple pasta made with just a handful of ingredients, so I was thrilled to see Food Republic's illustrated guide on how to make the Roman specialty at home.