Weekend Reading: Trip to the Tropics

Coconut panna cotta

I've made coconut panna cotta two weeks in a row now — using a ridiculously easy recipe from Gourmet — as a way to inject a bit of summer into this brutal New York winter. To help fend off the cold-weather blues, try these tropical recipes from some of my favorite food bloggers.

Smitten Kitchen doubled down on island flavors for her coconut tapioca pudding with mango.

This passion fruit tart by Little Box Brownie looks truly exquisite.

In an extra summer-y twist, Aliya adds pomegranate and mint to a classic warm-weather drink, the Arnold Palmer.

Kayley of the Kitchen MacCabe calls key lime the "queen of all citrus pies" — do you agree?

I eat ice cream no matter how cold gets (what polar vortex?) and the pineapple gauva sorbet from Insatiable Munchies sounds absolutely refreshing.

Have a great weekend!