Snapshots: Sweet Sensations

Way earlier this year, I was invited by the lovely Hazel of Tasty Pursuits to bake for Sweet Sensations, a charity event that benefits C-CAP (Careers through Culinary Arts Program). I was supposed to post a re-cap many moons ago, but let it slip as I was trying to play catch-up with work and help my parents move. It's more than a little late, but I gathered some shots from the day.

Strawberry mint mojitos

My grasshopper bars

Stephen Colluci, pastry chef extraordinaire, in action

Lillian with chef Stephen Colluci's brownies

Savory and sweet scones by Jacqueline

Hazel's smoked Sumatra coffee cupcakes

Jacqueline handing out our cookbook door prizes

Joanne's wasabi and ginger brownies

Guests taking photos of Josephine's matcha pot de creme with black sesame glass

Alejandra's springtime Italian rainbow cookies

Fruit tarts with lavender lemon cream by Louise

The Old Bowery Station

As a home baker (and to be honest, not even a frequent one), I had no idea how difficult it would be to cook in bulk. Part of it was my own fault: I had my heart set on these grasshopper bars, but had to bake the morning of since there was a wedding to attend the night before. It didn't allow for much trial and error (I discovered very last-minutely that the buttercream should be whipped in batches because a giant bowlful wouldn't aerate properly) or leave enough time for the bars to set thoroughly. Despite a few mini-meltdowns, I managed to send out the incredibly messy (but thankfully, still pretty tasty) squares and got to sample everyone else's delicious treats. I have so much respect for all the wonderful bloggers who participated—they not only produced some amazing sweets, but also kept their cool the entire time.