Betty Bakery

Peanut butter chocolate pie at Betty Bakery

Send me out to run errands and I'll inevitably make a pit stop for dessert. That's how last weekend's trip to Target lead to a slice of peanut butter chocolate pie from Betty Bakery.

The Boerum Hill bakeshop has become quite well-known for its versions of Hostess treats (food writer Rachel Wharton featured their Ring-A-Ding and Twink in our Eating Along the Q column last summer), so I was pretty disappointed that the one I got was crumbly and overly sweet. 

The pie was much better, but still not as good as the one at Billy's Bakery. Topped with a chocolate syrup and crumbled bits of peanut butter cup, Billy's version is about as decadent as they come. Though their location is far more out of the way, I'd much rather trek to Chelsea than get the one from Betty's again.

Betty Bakery, 448 Atlantic Ave. between Bond and Nevins Sts., Brooklyn (718-246-2402)