Weekend Reading

San Francisco's Chinatown

Spring at long last! With the days growing longer and some warm weather finally ahead of us, I'm excited to crawl out of my polar vortex hibernation and start ticking off restaurants from the long to-try list that's been building up all winter.

Hope everyone gets to enjoy some sun this weekend — have a great one!

The NY Post rings in the start of spring with a round-up of buzzy new dishes, including the latest from pastry wizard Dominique Ansel: the cookie shot. 

Another place to check out as the weather warms up and the hike to Hell's Kitchen feels less like a trek through the tundra? Gotham West Market, one of the many sprawling spots fueling the food hall revolution. (Don't miss the shio ramen at Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop!) 

There's a boozy boba shop in Los Angeles, shaking up drinks like Heineken-infused green tea and a soju margarita with lychee jelly.

Speaking of the West Coast, check out artist Wendy MacNaughton's illustrated documentary on San Francisco's Chinatown and its unique — sadly, vanishing — culture.  

Finally, my local doughnut shop was profiled by the NY Times this week by fellow NYDN alum Rachel Wharton. Like most places in New York, the beloved neighborhood spot has quite the fascinating story.