Weekend Reading

Salted crack caramel at Ample Hills

Salted crack caramel at Ample Hills

What a gorgeous weekend! I spent both days in Brooklyn, grabbing coffee with my cousin Kevin at Milk & Honey Cafe on Saturday afternoon, then in the kitchen for most of Sunday testing out recipes for an upcoming project. More details on that to come — meanwhile, here are some reads to catch up on during your Monday morning commute.

Ice cream season is finally here and A Fork in the Road chats with the owners of Ample Hills Creamery — purveyors of the aptly-named salted crack caramel — about their popularity and upcoming expansion

Like Girl Scout Cookies, Mallomacs are available just once a year. WNYC follows one fan on his quest to find the chocolate-covered treat.

Gothamist has a fascinating interview with bitters expert Mark Bitterman (that's really his name!) on the herbaceous tinctures typically used in cocktails.

Former TONY editrix Jordana Rothman looks at the legendary families of the restaurant world, including Brooklyn's own Di Fara's.

Finally, head over to Ms. I-Hua for a two-part photo tour of Penang, Malaysia — the first is full of mouthwatering food shots.